We are Better Together!!!

Better Together is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme that aims at developing the I CAN Mindset among young people, by providing them with a 5-steps methodology to create a community-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

What we do?

  • We prepare young people to become active citizens to design a common, solidary and democratic European future.

  • We raise awareness among young people, educators and youth workers, about the importance of creating a participatory culture in order to support young people in designing their own future.

  • We develop an interactive online platform for use in schools and in youth work in general that will bring closer tolerance and respect to young Europeans, as keys to create future generations of committed Europeans.

  • We develop the I CAN mindset to children and young people, through the Design for Change methodology. Learn more at www.dfcworld.com

Specific objectives of the project

  • To equip youth workers and educators with a set of creative tools and methods, related to youth empowerment, personal and professional development, to become multipliers and further support young people developing 21st century skills.

  • To empower young people to design their own lives, to take care of their own personal and professional development and to develop the I CAN mindset.

  • To develop a designer’s mindset (optimism, creativity and empathy) that can be adapt in crisis situations and create a community oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

  • To enhance critical thinking, problem solving and innovation by introducing the DFC methodology and non formal learning tools.


The online platform is created to support young people in participating in digital youth work activities and in interacting with their peers from other European countries.

Workshops, guided through the interactive platform, will be implemented in every country and will focus in supporting young people to design solutions on societal problems they care about, following the Design for Change and Non Formal Learning methodologies.


A 5-day training for 20 youth workers and educators of partner organizations involved in the project that will support young people through local workshops in their countries and will be involved in the overall process of the long term project. The training will be held in Belgrade, in November 2022, and will focus on the use of the Design for Change and Non formal education methodologies for mentoring young people to become active citizens by making positive changes in their community.

Multiplier Events

Five multiplier events – implemented the same day in each partner country in May 2023, connected in a virtual way.

The multiplier events will be structured and organised by all partners project team but the content and presentations will be formed by the young people themselves that will showcase their projects of positive change ensuring maximum participation from their side.

Target groups

The project will involve directly the following groups from Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland and Greece:

  • Youth workers, youth leaders, educators, teachers

  • Young people, including youth with fewer opportunities in all participating countries

  • Managers of youth work organisations and youth projects. Local organisations providing 21st century skills development activities

  • Youth work stakeholders, schools and educational institutions, youth municipalities offices, local industries and private companies in the involved countries